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Assignment 6 (metaphor examples) March 10, 2009

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I thought using the image of an ice cream melting was an effective metaphor for how global warming is melting our world on this poster. However, it’s funny because the poster kind of uses a cliched image in that it uses the green on blue to denote the “world” ice cream. Kind of an overlap of both.


Okay, this poster is an old Russian Soviet poster and I couldn’t tell you what the text says but based on the picture alone I think this poster is probably a metaphor for something. Maybe a comment on government crushing the city but being infant in something? Maybe I’m completely wrong though! I tried to translate the text using babelfish just to get an idea of what it says but I couldn’t get that to work. The text could certainly change the meaning but it seems like a political statement using some kind of infant metaphor.


I’m not sure if this is considered a metaphor or not. But I thought it was interesting that they used the tire of an automobile but made it into this eye that is decorated, sort of like makeup. But the poster is for an international auto and accessories show, so the theme sort of fits. The auto show is obviously about how to detail, decorate, and accessorize your car.  I’m not sure the theme or metaphor works but it looks neat.


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